Reed’s Recruiter app finds candidates faster, thanks to new features

Reed is already working on new features for its Recruiter app.

Developments to the app, which launched in February, include an instant response feature, in app messaging and instant alerts, according to Nayab Zamir, a product executive at Reed.

She told an audience about these planned developments at an official launch event for the app at the M hotel by Montcalm, located in the heart of London’s tech hub in Old Street.

Zamir revealed that following workshops Reed held with recruiters over the past few months, an instant response feature will be tested as soon as possible that will enable recruiters to instantly reject or accept a candidate.

Also in development is in app messaging that will enable recruiters to see when their messages to candidates have been delivered and read via instant notifications.

Instant alerts are also in the works, she added, that would notify recruiters the moment the perfect candidate registers on for the role they are recruiting for. 

Fellow speaker head of product effectiveness Vicky Birnage also revealed is planning a new mobile friendly CV search aimed at helping recruiters find relevant candidates much more quickly so they do not have to rely so much on complicated Boolean searches.

Birnage added is also going to be launching Monday Labs – an innovation lab that will be charged with exploring new technology, product and services for the recruitment space.

Summing up what the new app aims to do, chairman James Reed told the audience its launch followed conversations he had had with recruiters. “I often asked recruiters if they had one thing that would help them do their job better, what would it be?

“The most common answer I get from them is ‘I want to find the right candidate faster’. This development is our answer to that request.

“It will enable consultants to recruit from their pocket. I call it the pocket recruiter. You heard it here first.”

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