Wizard and witch hunt

Flexible working jobsite Remote Employment has begun a national job search for witches and wizards across the UK.

Suitable candidates for this position must be able to show previous relevant experience and a proven track record, as well as a portfolio overflowing with tried and tested potions.

If the trial night proves successful, many of the applicants may be recruited full time to spread the magic of remote and home working across the nation.

Paula Wynne, co-founder of Remote Employment, says: “I’m sure there are some great witches and wizards out there bursting to make themselves known, so we want to find them. Witches and wizards are great remote workers, and want to see the most outrageous witches and wizards job applications and have some fun doing so!”

The period of employment is for the night of 31 October.

For further information on becoming a witch or wizard for Remote Employment, call 0844 800 8355 or browse www.remoteemployment.com.