New generation of smarter searching software

Filip De Geijter

Filip De Geijter

Filip De Geijter

Search and match specialist Actonomy has launched a new empowered search feature on its xMP platform.

Actonomy chief executive Filip De Geijter told Recruiter that the feature represents the new generation of Actonomy technology and is based on its xMP semantic search platform, which has learned from recruiters and candidates how to intelligently search CVs.

He explained that the technology will automatically extract relevant information from vacancies and CVs, such as experience, skills and education, can search and match based on most recent work experience, and expand search queries based on career path information.

De Geijter also claimed that there was no ambiguity in search results; for instance, a ’business developer’ will not return ’business intelligence developer’.

“Actonomy understands what business developer means within the career cluster of business development functions,” he said. “It knows what it means and will only search for concepts with the same meaning. You don’t get a match when a keyword is found, you get a match when a concept with the same meaning is found - within a similar career cluster or as part of a typical career path.”

Among the early adopters is Bullhorn, which offers an xMP plug-in module as standard in its marketplace. Bullhorn UK managing director Peter Linas said that being based on semantic searching is a major benefit for its users and its ability to carry out a ’smart search’ avoids the need for multiple searches for slightly different job titles.

Peter Linas

Peter Linas

“For example, if you search for ’channel manager’, it will also search for ’distribution manager’ and ’sales manager focusing on channels’,” he said. “This cuts down on time wasted and avoids incorrect filtering, producing only results that match your job description.”

Linas added that another benefit is that Actonomy xMP will provide a user with details on why a match was found and what criteria contributed to the results.
“Once results are found, the standard Bullhorn distribution mechanism allows recruiters to incorporate the results into their other working lists,” he said.


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