Diary of... Tristan Ramus Managing director, Hamilton Bradshaw Human Capital

Diary of…
Tristan Ramus
Managing director,
Hamilton Bradshaw
Human Capital

Review board packs and action points on way in to Central London for weekly 8am investment committee meeting. These meetings take so much longer now there are eight different investments in recruitment companies to go through. Quick lunch with a top four corporate financier contact who has been working with us on a sizeable acquisition target. All seems to be going well, so maybe there will be nine soon.

Eden Brown board meeting — another 8am start, but at least with breakfast. A great meeting including exploration of group structure to accommodate rising stars and business leaders and review of ‘Super Achievers’ bonus. Meet a joint venture partner (JVP) for lunch to catch up on a consultant we would like to hire. Review new business proposition for a sizeable recruitment firm looking for development capital. Arrange an initial meeting with their board. Drinks in the evening with a team we are looking to back as a start-up.

Finalise internal structure document — we are a high-growth business both in terms of acquisition and as a corporate entity. Meeting with a newly recruited commercial lawyer who joined today. He will be working with me on new deals. After lunch, head straight to internal meeting, where I review the HB Investment Managers plans for next year, including adding further headcount to the team. Positive afternoon ending up with drinks with the MDs of three start-up JV recruitment operations.

Travel to Islington to prepare for filming for BBC TV’s The Money Programme. James Caan presents the programme and chairs the meeting to discuss the wider economy and specifically unemployment in the UK. I was invited to join the debate as a key advisor. Home early to prepare for business meeting in the morning.

Great start to the day — a £50m take-over business we have been in discussions with want to work with us on a multi-million pound development capital deal. Business planning meeting with strong potential JVP for another start-up recruitment firm. Prepare for a board meeting with specialist recruiter Lehman Ambrose, meet retail construction recruiter RG Group for a management coaching session and finish the day completing a deal to acquire a stake in Fresh Egg, a non-recruitment investment. Exhausted, but a very satisfying week.