Ashworth slams ‘consistently poor’ graduates

The calibre of recent graduates is “consistently” poor, according to Gary Ashworth, executive chairman of IT recruiter InterQuest.

Ashworth says the firm has spent the last three months seeking to fill 50 positions and has only found five suitable recruits.

Ashworth says: “The calibre of recent graduates is consistently poor and I’m gravely concerned about the lack of skills graduates are leaving university.

“The awkward gulf between a graduate’s theoretical knowledge and the practical experience required to survive in today’s working environment is increasing and the majority are leaving university with few ’real life’ skills.

“In addition, learning interview skills from mastering a handshake, maintaining eye contact to asking sensible questions and building rapport are essential. Many graduates have absolutely no idea how to write a basic CV or arrive on time.

“Many graduates do not bother to find out what a company does and do not come prepared with questions to ask. They don’t have to necessarily wear a tie but don’t young people clean their shoes or shave any more?

“Why isn’t there a university of people skills? In this present economic climate, we are not helping the future generation with such ’Mickey-Mouse’ courses such as ‘The science of super-hero’s’ and we’ve noticed at one university you can take a course in ‘The Vampire in Literature and Cinema’.

“At InterQuest we want passionate and enthusiastic consultants and we’re tired of interviewing clueless and unmotivated graduates who are unconcerned with any sort of career progression and fear to look too far into their own future.”

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