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Engage is the powerful new platform that is changing the way hirers and recruitment agencies work. It is the first universal solution to provide everything that a recruiter needs and to change the habits of the recruitment industry. Engage was conceived to provide everything that a recruiter needs and to change the habits of the recruitment industry.

Engage is the first end to end solution to significantly reduce, and in some cases do away with, the requirement to spend time on operational and administrative tasks. It releases recruiters to focus on winning new business and sourcing the best candidates.

Supply chain management

Without Engage, manual data transfer and reconciliation is required between teams within an organisation (such as procurement and on-site management) and also between organisations including end hirer, agency and outsource payroll provider. The duplication of administration and significant number of errors results in higher costs, inefficiency and delay. With Engage, information flows seamlessly through the recruitment process steps and between all users at each stage of the process.

Business advantage & opportunities

  1. Grow your business with the Engage Vendor Management Solution (VMS)
  2. Consolidate your technology stack and do away with software licence fees
  3. Improve CRM by linking to Engage

Engage’s innovative solution allows agencies to demonstrate service and thought leadership to end hirer clients by eliminating efficiency, providing control & visibility, enabling cost reduction and allowing an easy implementation process.

Benefits of Engage

Engage will reduce back-office costs, resulting in increased margins, specifically:

  • Replaces manual finance, payroll and compliance processes with a seamless software function.
  • Provides pay & bill, timesheet management, compliance documentation, credit control and management reporting in a single integrated platform.
  • Replaces current pay & bill, compliance and other software, legacy hardware and ancillary office costs.

Engage is a simple to use, holistic solution that coordinates all groups in the staffing supply chain. End-hirers, recruitment agencies, payroll companies and workers all enjoy an improvement in the recruitment process.

Why visit us at the expo?

We are the first and only recruitment platform to release consultants from most operational and administrative tasks.  

Come and visit us (stand E13) and see a demo of our platform.