S&S Umbrella Ltd

Our Benefits Include:
•    No risk as an employer
•    AWR Compliant
•    Dedicated Account Manager 
•    Regular compliance checks
•    SDC Checks
•    HMRC General Queries Support

We are Unique
With multiple services all under one roof and transparency throughout the process, we serve as an agency that bridges the gap between employers and employees with mutually beneficial work and monetary benefits. 

Overview of our Umbrella Services:
•    100% Compliant PAYE payment solution
•    Fast, accurate payments
•    Same Day Faster Payments
•    FREE SMS pay alerts
•    Full Employment Rights
•    Full "SDC" Assessment 
•    Full HR cover and assistance
•    Easy, simple and quick sign up process
•    Full Insurance Cover 
•    Full and Complete Back Office Function
•    Individual Contractor Personal Assistant for each Employee
•    Multiple payrolls run daily.
•    £10.00 Weekly Cost of Service
•    Full Employment Benefit Scheme exclusively for S&S Umbrella employees
•    Full Pension Scheme
•    Compliant budgeted expense processing
•    Best Remuneration Packages
•    Employees portal