Logic Melon

Name of system: MyTracking, Multi-Source, MyCVDatabase, Social Post

Operating platform: None - just internet connection required

Price: Can be as low as £6 per license per month


Logic Melon is a multiple job-posting system with candidate tracking and is ideal to manage both workflows and candidate experience.

Logic Melon allows you to post your jobs out through a single interface to multiple job boards and social media sights, quickly and easily, ensuring accuracy and speed to market. It carefully tracks your responses through a single interface, gathering all your CVs in one place and allowing you to search a pool of relevant candidates.

Logic Melon leverages changes in market and technology, makes recruiters more effective and truly maximises return on investment. Our system is easy to set up, no matter how many users you have, and we can adjust the build to suit your internal recruitment process systems.

Speak to our technical team and get the best system set up for your business, which will save you time and help you understand where you should be spending your valued advertising budget.