Legalesign is a UK based online e-signature provider that is popular with recruiters seeking rapid candidate registration and easy timesheet handling.  The software enables you to easily send documents to your candidates or clients. They can sign (and fill out any form fields) immediately and from anywhere.  Recruiters also choose Legalesign for its industry leading support, high reliability infrastructure and flexibility in handling many contract types. Legalesign is versatile and adapts to individual business needs with custom settings, branding options and team and user permission systems. Contact us for more information or use the free trial to get started now.




“We tried all the e-Signature providers…. Legalesign not only offered the easiest system to use but also had the best contract management system on the market.”  

Sabrina, Ackerman Pierce (Public sector recruitment)


“On average it takes half the time to get contracts signed with Legalesign compared to conventional means”

Raymond from APA services (Recruitment and Staffing)


“The system just worked and sorted out our contract signing woes immediately”

Anonymous, (Staffing and Recruitment)