FCP Internet

Name of system: evolve™

Operating platform: Cloud based, delivered via IE

Price: £50 - £100 per user per month

evolve™ recruitment software is a leading browser delivered front office recruitment system. Securely accessed via Internet Explorer, you do away with the need to buy servers, do backups, admin and maintenance so, you can focus on what you do best – recruiting! And, you can access it from wherever you are - office, home, on the move, anywhere that you have an internet connection.

evolve™ functionality allows consultants to manage communications with all of their key audiences: clients, candidates and internally. By creating a custom index all information is accessible so that if you are looking for rocket scientists, you can find them... and all from a single desktop environment.

Managers are able to monitor user activity and schedule key reports giving simple access to KPI data to identify top (and bottom) performers.

As a SaaS solution evolve™ is highly scalable, allowing you to quickly and easily grow the system to accommodate your own business growth and we are constantly developing and ‘evolving’ the functionality meaning new innovations in the recruitment process can be built in to your system with no additional cost.


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