Daxtra Technologies

DaXtra is the world-leading provider of recruitment process automation solutions for CV parsing, candidate acquisition, precision searching & matching, business intelligence and business information retrieval from in-house and internet databases.

This technology is designed to significantly reduce the time and cost to recruit by decreasing the time spent on CV entry, as well as improve the quality of candidates an organisation attracts.

In addition, DaXtra products and components integrate seamlessly with almost any recruitment databases, off-the-shelf or bespoke. We work in partnership with the leading providers of these types of systems and our products are designed to enhance, not replace your existing IT infrastructure.

The fact is that over 1000 organisations, spanning all continents, use DaXtra technology – from the world's largest staffing companies to boutique recruiters, corporate recruitment departments, job boards and software vendors.

Why choose Daxtra?

Our CV parsing software daXtraParser is a hybrid statistical-grammar parser that combines the advantages of both the advanced classes of parser.

Large language independent statistical models are applied to achieve accuracy rates of around 85% (which is the best that pure statistical models can achieve), and grammar rules are applied which increase this accuracy to as high as 95%.

At DaXtra, we invest significant focus on continually improving our CV parsing capability, striving to keep it as the most accurate resume parsing software in the world today. 


  • DaXtraCapture: Automate routine administration tasks such as CV/Resume acquisition and processing, as well as duplication, updates and data-entry on an existing database. daXtraCapture integrates with a database to unify local and online resourcing.
  • DaXtraSearch: A highly innovative natural language search and matching solution that ensures a business finds the right candidates intuitively across multiple online sources and existing candidate databases.
  • DaXtraParser: Highly accurate, multilingual CV and job order extraction (parsing) component for processing free-format CV’s and vacancies, converting them into accurately structured and categorised XML information.

DaXtra’s technology provides recruiters with the ability to find relevant information quickly, from in-house databases and online recruitment channels, regardless of industry, location or company size.