Name of system: Artifice

Operating platform: Windows

Price: Licensed user £500 per annum

In 2003 Crichton Miller, founder and chief executive officer of Haul-IT Nationwide, realised that increasing legislation for agencies to ensure compliance, while continuing to provide cost savings to clients, required an investment of business profits into producing (in-house) software designed around the needs of agency, its staff, its workers and clients demands.

A team of programmers were recruited and trained to understand agency business working practices. Working with temporary workers, operators, recruiters and finance staff, they started designing and building the most effective system possible to manage the temporary and permanent supply chain.

Tested in seven Asda regional distribution centres between 2006 and 2012 managing 2500 LGV Drivers and 110 second-tier agencies, Artifice produced large cost savings and managed compliance beyond all expectations.


Used to select, place and manage large volumes of drivers for Wincanton, Eddie Stobart, DHL and Argos, this secure scalable solution will automate the recruitment and selection of any type or quantity of worker and meets all compliance demanded by your clients, the industry and legislation while reducing your costs, increasing efficiency and helping your business succeed.