EXPERT ANALYSIS: Ready for a wellness workcation?

Nearly 75% of people in a new poll by IcelandAir say that instead of losing their annual leave days, they are willing to work while they’re away.

The flexibility afforded by work-from-home arrangements has essentially freed those workers to do their jobs from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. With the ‘workcation’ trend now booming, Icelandair, Iceland’s flag carrier airline, has analysed over 100 of the most prominent cities in the world to uncover where’s best to take a wellness workcation.

The analysis covered a range of data from internet speed to the cost of living and to the average working hours. The data was analysed to find average scores, and then ranked in order.

The IcelandAir report said: “The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the world lives, works and travels. With various restrictions in place across the globe since March 2020, remote working has become standard practice for many – and for most, this has been a welcome change.” 

There are many benefits to this trend of remote working such as more free time, avoiding busy commutes and having a flexible schedule, Icelandair said. Such factors could allow more people to work remotely and travel abroad at the same time.

“Combining work and travel is a fantastic way to make the most of remote working and prioritise your mental and physical health at the same time,” the IcelandAir report said.

IcelandAir has created an index of the best destinations for those looking to travel and focus on their wellness alongside a remote working schedule. 

Below are the findings and a link to the methodology used.

The world’s best destinations for a wellness workcation

From the scenic streets of Copenhagen to the laid-back beaches of San Diego, these cities are the top 25 locations from across the world for a remote working vacation.

Whether it’s the low noise and light pollution or the high temperatures, these destinations are the perfect place to work hard and then unwind with the locals.

The best European destinations for a wellness workcation

To see the methodology and sources, click here.

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