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Celebrating three decades of innovation, collaboration and community.

From humble beginnings to pioneering leadership

Thirty years ago, TEAM launched to forge a supportive network for independently owned recruitment agencies. From a modest assembly of visionaries, TEAM has flourished into the UK’s premier network for independent agencies, with each member embracing the philosophy ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’. This founding ethos has steered TEAM from its inception to becoming a thought leader within the industry for its members.

Over the years, TEAM’s dedication to fostering a collaborative environment has allowed numerous recruitment agencies to broaden their capabilities, reach and market presence. TEAM has successfully levelled the playing field, empowering small and medium-sized agencies to utilise the collective might of the network on a national stage. As TEAM has grown, so has its services, evolving to offer innovative solutions that keep members at the cutting edge of industry trends and best practices.

Strategic leadership enriching the recruitment tapestry

In 2020, Simon Bliss, who once made use of TEAM’s network to grow his own business from a team of two to 40, took the helm, injecting his unique vision and deep understanding of the sector into the network. “The recruitment landscape is changing post Covid,” said Bliss, chairman of TEAM. “Clients and candidates have changed their behaviours for engagement. Recruiters have to be more nimble, creative and personal to gain traction with both communities. TEAM are here to help our members navigate these changing markets and maximise their ambitions and potential.”

In 2023, Andy Dunne joined as managing director, bringing insights from seven years as a TEAM member and the experience of managing a solo recruitment enterprise. His leadership is poised to drive TEAM’s mission forward, focusing on the strategic enhancement of member services.

Innovation and collaboration: The cornerstones of growth

Innovation is the lifeblood of TEAM. Early adoption of digital technologies has been pivotal, with the Xchange platform exemplifying TEAM’s ethos, facilitating more than £6m in split fees for members every year. This technology has become a cornerstone for co-operative success within the network, matching clients and candidates on jobs that would not have been filled. 

TEAM’s innovation extends to bolstering professional development and operational excellence. From hosting industry experts to providing specialised training and webinars, TEAM ensures its members are primed to tackle the challenges of a dynamic job market. Over 100 Networking events each year foster connections and collaboration, reinforcing TEAM's commitment to mutual growth and support.

Job board discounts

One of TEAM’s USPs is the huge discounts it provides to its members for a portfolio of job boards including Indeed, REED, CV Library, Jobsite, Total Jobs and Monster. Ideally suited for start-ups and smaller businesses expanding their portfolios, these huge discounts of up to 70% allow these agencies to compete against more established enterprise businesses.

L-r: TEAM chair Simon Bliss and MD Andy Dunne

Enriching connections: The supplier network

An integral aspect of TEAM’s ecosystem is its expansive supplier network, carefully curated to provide members with access to the finest suppliers in the industry. TEAM is dedicated to onboarding leading suppliers, from tech innovators and funding solutions to pioneers in AI, training and coaching. This proactive approach ensures that members have access to services at discounted prices that add substantial value to their businesses.

The power of networking and the spirit of community

Networking remains the vital force of TEAM. Regular events and conferences act as crucibles for innovation and professional development, fostering a community where independent agencies can share goals and triumphs. As TEAM celebrates its 30th anniversary, the focus on community is more robust than ever, with diverse agencies united in a rich ecosystem that fosters collective advocacy for the benefit of all.

A future focused on collective achievement

Looking forward, TEAM renews its pledge to its founding principle, ensuring that together, members continue to achieve more. Bolstered by a 30-year legacy, TEAM is set to deepen its influence, driving forward with innovation and a mission to empower the independent recruitment industry. The 30th-anniversary celebration is not just a milestone but a stepping stone towards a future where TEAM and its members redefine excellence in recruitment.

Bliss sums up: “It’s tough running a small agency. It’s a lonely space for any boss. At TEAM we’re here to help. We can make you more money and save you thousands too. Without TEAM, my two-person business would have failed, and not grown to 40 and exited with a successful sale.”

Reflecting on TEAM's ethos and the road ahead, MD Dunne comments: “At TEAM, we’re looking far beyond the immediate horizon. Our current efforts are entirely dedicated to laying the groundwork for the sustained and progressive growth of our members. 

“In a recruitment world that is evolving at an unprecedented pace, we stand as the reliable cornerstone that can make a tangible difference – by driving success, spurring innovation and weaving strong collaborations as the recruitment industry transforms. Here’s to embarking on the next 30 years of TEAM, where we don't just grow together – we thrive together.”

Celebrating 30 years with a landmark conference

TEAM’s 30th anniversary is a significant juncture, marked by the most ambitious and inclusive conference yet. It’s a celebration of decades of leadership and a strategic look into the future. With over 36 talks, interactive workshops and esteemed speakers, including Olympian Sally Gunnell OBE, recruitment guru Hung Lee, the REC’s Neil Carberry and more, the conference encapsulates TEAM’s commitment to excellence and member advancement.

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