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Toys ‘R’ Us on the hunt for chief play officer

Toys ‘R’ Us Canada is on the hunt for someone to play with toys all day.

Retail, Hospitality/Leisure 20 July 2018
Driver Require Snowdon

Social recruiting August 2018

From climbing and cycling up mountains to baking cakes and playing golf, you’ve been busy again outside of recruiting…

20 July 2018

You snooze, you win – mattress firm seeks sleep testers

Do you want to swap the early morning commute into your agency for a nice nap and get paid for it?

19 July 2018

CV-Library offers its services to PM

CV-Library has taken a rather cheeky approach to recruitment marketing by advertising its services to the current beleaguered occupant of number 10 Downing Street.

18 July 2018

Southgate’s former club Middlesbrough on recruitment drive

England manager Gareth Southgate’s former club has launched a recruitment drive for cash office workers and kitchen staff.

Wanted: Immigration officer to check one plane a week in St Helena

Fancy getting away from all this talk about the World Cup and relocating to a remote island in the South Atlantic?

Public sector 9 July 2018

Unemployed child syndrome: who you gonna call? (Not the police!)

A father called emergency services this week – after his son refused to get off the sofa and look for a job.

5 July 2018

Cosplay dressing up job site launches in Japan

Want to get paid for dressing up like Batman, Princess Leia or Wonder Woman? Well, there’s a careers site for that.

Marketing & Sales, Retail 2 July 2018

Lookalikes recruitment agency back on our screens

As Lookalikes, a TV show about a recruitment agency that places people who resemble celebrities, returned to our screens this week, Recruiter spoke to its star Ricky Gervais – no sorry, our mistake! – Tim Oliver (above, left).

29 June 2018

Police recruit first pawfficer in the US – we’re not kitten-ing

A police department in Michigan in the US has a furry new recruit.

29 June 2018

You say Honey, we say G for Glastonbury

Would former recruiter Honey G headlining Glastonbury entice you into attending the music festival next year? [Stay with us – Ed.]

26 June 2018

Canine consultants play a full role at work

To celebrate Bring Your Dog to Work Day, Recruiter spoke to two agency owners whose canine consultants have earned the respective job titles of stamp administrator and head of dogital.

22 June 2018

Star Wars extras casting company targets Oxford

The company responsible for recruiting extras for the film Star Wars: The Last Jedi is heading to Oxford on the hunt for people to join its books for feature film and television work.

Creative/Digital/Media 21 June 2018

Alf Ramsey letter is a winner at auction

Rather like the England team last night, who snatched a last-minute victory, the letter confirming Sir Alf Ramsey’s appointment did better than expected at auction.

Hospitality/Leisure 19 June 2018
Peter Benefer pic with hedgehog

Social recruiting July 2018

Whether it’s doing laps of the Yorkshire Peaks, running round a racecourse or spoiling a good walk (only joking, golf fans!), you’ve been busy outside of recruiting…

18 June 2018

Alf Ramsey appointment letter goes up for auction

A letter confirming the recruitment of England’s only World Cup-winning manager, Sir Alf Ramsey, is being put up for auction today.

Hospitality/Leisure 18 June 2018

Recruitment: a job that can get under your skin

Recruiters can be very passionate about their job, as evidenced by the number of you getting indelibly inked all about your personage.

12 June 2018

Pawsome job helping to create teddy bears

Ever dream of jacking it all in for a career making teddy bears? You do?

Retail, Sales 11 June 2018

Liverpool dog-friendly restaurant helps staff stay in hospitality

A Liverpool-based recruiter is opening his own dog-friendly bistro in a bid to develop the next generation of hospitality talent.

Hospitality/Leisure 7 June 2018

Didn’t win Britain’s Got Talent? Recruitment can offer a great career instead!

The world of recruitment offers a rewarding career for Britain’s Got Talent finalists who don’t win the big prize, so says a former BGT finalist and recruiter ahead of Sunday’s final.

1 June 2018

You’ll be seeing less of rapping recruiter Honey G

Have you been wondering what X Factor star and former recruiter Honey G is up to? You have?!

IT/Telecoms 30 May 2018

It’s true: no recruitment consultants on reality TV show!

It appears the recruitment sector has heeded the advice of ex-Love Island contestant and recruiter Adam Jukes.

29 May 2018

Purrfect role for cat lovers in Liverpool

Are you fond of our furry, feline friends? Then we may have the purrfect role for you.

Liverpool FC recruits staff for next season’s matches

One of this weekend’s Champions League finalists has launched a recruitment drive for matchday staff.

Dogged determination makes for pawsome ending to search for canine critic

Dog-friendly travel company Canine Cottages’ search for a canine critic is over.

Hospitality/Leisure 21 May 2018

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