Sponsored: Textkernel brings Deep Learning to recruitment professionals

Deep learning powers Amazon’s Alexa as well as self-driving cars. Now it’s available for recruitment professionals.

17 April 2018

Web chat: May 2018

T-levels will take time for technical talent

16 April 2018

Talent adviser: a team sport

The best recruiting teams are those that recognise and support talent advisers, those who make informed staffing decisions based on their knowledge and expertise.

HR 16 April 2018

GDPR and the Facebook scandal

Data protection is in the news, but GDPR presents challenges for many according to Drey Francis at Engage Technology Partners.

29 March 2018

Sponsored: Why is PEO growing in popularity?

Luke Shannon-Little, MD of Ship Shape Pay explains what’s behind the success of PEO 

Thoughts from... April 2018

Kirsty McHugh, John Amaechi, Marc Woods

16 March 2018
DeeDee Doke, editor

Editor's Leader APRIL 2018

When I was just starting junior high school, I signed on to be in the school band.

15 March 2018

Alan Furley: What we really mean is...

Hidden meanings. My goodness... they are a curse.

HR 15 March 2018

Spotlight on CV-speccing

Spotlight on CV-speccing

HR 14 March 2018

Soundbites April 2018

What do you do when you encounter a brilliant candidate that for whatever reason you cannot place?

HR 14 March 2018

Quality not quantity: Putting relationships back into recruitment

Before smartphones and laptops, the most important item in a recruiter’s arsenal was their little black book.

HR 14 March 2018

Hiring for fit – turn to the start-ups

Some well-established businesses are turning to an unlikely source of recruiting inspiration: technology start-ups

Heather DeLand: Flexibility

Flexibility is not just a job benefit, but better business outcomes

HR 15 February 2018

Letters: Government must improve working standards to retain nurses

In light of the recent news that 33,000 nurses are leaving the NHS each year, working standards need to be improved to retain staff.

Public sector, Healthcare/Medical 14 February 2018

Soundbites March 2018

Would you ask a candidate about their social media posts?

Creative/Digital/Media 14 February 2018

Duties of hospitality: We must protect our workers

The recent reports of workers allegedly being sexually harassed at the Presidents Club has thrust the hospitality sector under the microscope.

Hospitality/Leisure 14 February 2018

Time to don the headset?

A recruitment role for virtual reality

IT/Telecoms, HR 14 February 2018

Diversity and 'new age' interviews help in quest for talent

A focus on less obvious aspects of diversity and making interviews less formal are helping companies to find the staff they need.

Rec-to-rec, HR 14 February 2018
DeeDee Doke, editor

Editor's Leader MARCH 2018

The most important aspect of the Good Work Plan is not going to be the ‘whats’ involved, It’s going to be the ‘hows’.

12 February 2018

Soundbites January 2018

What plans do you have for your business in 2018?

31 January 2018

Gregory Allen: A fresh look at brand

How social media can help develop a brand refresh.

Creative/Digital/Media, HR 17 January 2018

Soundbites February 2018

What are you going to give up in 2018?

15 January 2018

Opportunities abound: The year of technology

As we come into 2018 the bywords are automation, diversity and impact of demographic trends.

Life sciences, Engineering 15 January 2018

Thoughts from... February 2018

Lee McQueen, Brett Smitheram, Mark Walker.

12 January 2018
DeeDee Doke, editor

Editor's Leader FEBRUARY 2017

The 2018 crop of Recruiter's FAST 50 companies spurs us through the dark days of winter.

12 January 2018

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