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Purrfect role for cat lovers in Liverpool

Are you fond of our furry, feline friends? Then we may have the purrfect role for you.

Liverpool FC recruits staff for next season’s matches

One of this weekend’s Champions League finalists has launched a recruitment drive for matchday staff.

Dogged determination makes for pawsome ending to search for canine critic

Dog-friendly travel company Canine Cottages’ search for a canine critic is over.

Hospitality/Leisure 21 May 2018

Extra income as an extra on new Danny Boyle movie

Do you fancy supplementing your recruitment income with a career as an extra?

Royal news: Princess Anne recruits for private secretary

A right royal recruitment role may well be overshadowed (slightly) by a certain event this weekend.

HR 18 May 2018

The type of jobs that attract serial killers

Do you have concerns the candidate you’re interviewing is a would-be Dennis Nilsen, John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy or Jack the Ripper?

Arsenal recruits for another manager – assistant kit manager

Fancy exchanging the world of recruitment for working for Arsenal?

Hospitality/Leisure 15 May 2018

Tech firm hits on pawternity benefit for staff

Airsorted has hit upon an innovative way of ensuring staff can smooth the way for their own furry recruits.

IT/Telecoms, HR 10 May 2018

Butler’s salary more Upstairs than Downstairs

Whether you were a fan of the original Upstairs Downstairs TV drama series or its revival in 2012, household cook Mrs Bridges would faint dead away at the salaries on offer today.

Hospitality/Leisure 9 May 2018

Graduate raps her way into work

We’re not sure whether this is becoming a trend but we have been sent another example of a job rapplication.

Postal Museum on the lookout for an Easter Bunny

The Postal Museum is on an Easter hunt for a new recruit of the floppy-eared variety.

21 March 2018

When life throws you lemons and limes, send off a rapping letter

What’s the most innovative job application you’ve ever received? Can it beat a rapping cover letter?

Marketing & Sales, Retail 20 March 2018

Recruiters: are you getting enough sleep to function properly?

On World Sleep Day it appears recruiters are missing out on sleep, if evidence from some of the sector’s leading figures is anything to go by…

16 March 2018

Social recruiting April 2018

Whether you’ve been busy fundraising and handing over cheques or just getting on down with your canine consultants, you’ve let us know…

15 March 2018

Doggie day care café seeks human recruits

Do you like dogs? If our recent coverage of all your canine consultants is anything to go by, then here’s the pawfect role for someone.

Retail, Hospitality/Leisure 15 March 2018

Spurs recruits ex-military to work in its stadium

Tottenham Hotspur is recruiting ex-military personnel to work at its new stadium.

Retail, Hospitality/Leisure 13 March 2018

Slow-coach Flippy gets fired for not cooking up enough burgers

While the march of the machine appears to be making great strides, replacing humans as check out operators and warehouse staff, it would appear fast food workers can rest easy for now.

Retail, HR 13 March 2018

Lego offers candidates a building block to a new career

Can you put together a Lego Millennium Falcon or Death Star in your sleep?

Retail, Hospitality/Leisure 13 March 2018

London firm recruits for sex toy tester

A London-based company is looking to recruit a tester for its – erm, shall we say – ‘adult’ wares.

Retail, Hospitality/Leisure 12 March 2018

Jobs’ job application up for auction

A job application filled out by a rather famous entrepreneur is set be auctioned in the US this week by Boston-based RR Auction.

7 March 2018

Ex-recruiter loses out in BBC final of singing competition

Recruitment’s representative in the final of the BBC’s latest singing competition unfortunately lost out at the weekend.

6 March 2018

Branson seeks admin assistant on Necker Island

Fancy swapping the UK for a role on the idyllic Necker Island in the Caribbean?

Flexibly does it to keep recruiting through the snow

Flexible working may have been how most recruiters coped with the deluge of snow that has hit the UK…

2 March 2018

Candidates admit their lies aren’t always found out

How good are you at spotting a candidate who is telling porkies?

27 February 2018

Recruitment’s Gray misses out on Winter Olympics medal

As the Winter Olympics came to a close, recruitment’s Olympian Lauren Gray (above right) and her curling teammates just missed out on a medal in Pyeongchang this weekend.

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