Prince Andrew seeks green-fingered assistant for Royal Lodge

Do you have green fingers, don’t fancy working inside and are a fan of the Royals?

In-house recruitment 16 January 2018


This week’s appointments include: Glassdoor, MorePeople, Rutherford Briant Recruitment, The Treasury Recruitment Company

Technology 3 January 2018

Britons will ‘starve’ after Brexit

England’s biggest winemaker, and supplier to 10 Downing Street, has warned that Britons will “starve” if foreign fruit pickers are not allowed into the country after Brexit.

Temporary workforce 6 December 2017

Up to 800m jobs could be lost to automation, says McKinsey

Up to 800m workers worldwide could lose their jobs as a result of automation by 2030, according to research by consultants McKinsey.

Technology 30 November 2017

GLAA on recruitment drive to tackle labour market abuse

The Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) aims to have 125 staff by the end of the financial year as it gears up to tackle labour market abuse and modern slavery.

Supplier 29 November 2017

GLAA film urges employees to ‘Do the Right Thing’

The Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) is encouraging employers to show their staff a film that tells them what to do if they suspect modern slavery in their workplace.

Australia study reveals endemic exploitation of temporary migrant workers

A major new study has found evidence of widespread and endemic exploitation of foreign temporary workers in Australia.

Temporary workforce 22 November 2017

Hard cheese if you’ve got a lot of bottle and don’t get this job

Do you like cheese? Well, have we found a gouda job for you?

In-house recruitment 13 November 2017

Three arrested in Kent in modern slavery operation

Two men and one woman were arrested in Kent today in connection with a Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority investigation into modern slavery in the poultry industry.

Legislation/Regulation 2 November 2017

Fijian workers claim maltreatment by Australian labour firm

Fijian farm labourers employed through the Australian government’s Seasonal Worker Programme have claimed slave-like employment conditions, including being underpaid, underfed, denied medical access and verbally abused.

Legislation/Regulation 18 December 2015

Pizza Hut offers apprenticeship scheme

Pizza Hut UK has launched an apprenticeship schemes and is set to recruit 1,500 apprentices over the next five years.

Judge upholds GLA’s decision to take licence from Roberto Mac

The Gangmasters Licensing Authority’s (GLA) decision to take the licence from a Cambridgeshire gangmaster has been backed by an appeal court judge.

Legislation/Regulation 4 December 2015

Seafish showcases fishing careers

Seafood industry body Seafish has launched The World is Your Oyster, a campaign designed to showcase career prospects in the seafood industry.

Baiada agrees to comply with employment law and pay back underpaid staff

Australian poultry processing company Baiada has made an agreement with the country’s Fair Work Ombudsman to help stop worker exploitation at its site.

29 October 2015

Pro-Force ended contracts with overseas agents ‘over a month ago’

Agricultural recruiter Pro-Force Recruitment ended its contracts with overseas agents in Bulgaria and Romania over a month ago and is taking its recruitment abroad back in-house “to eliminate potential risk to our workers”, the firm revealed today.

Legislation/Regulation 21 October 2015

REC launches investigation into allegations involving Pro-Force

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has launched an investigation into one of its own members, Pro-Force Recruitment, for alleged poor treatment of workers.

Gangmaster stripped of licence for endangering workers

A Stonehaven, Scotland-based gangmaster has been stripped of her licence after it was found her workers had been underpaid and transported in a “dangerous” vehicle.

Legislation/Regulation 5 October 2015

Australia sees rise in online job ads says SEEK

Online job ads in Australia are up 2% month-on-month for August, and up 11% year-on-year, pointing to a continually growing jobs market, job board SEEK says.

Government to consult on widening GLA’s remit and introduce a new offence

The government is to launch a consultation this autumn on proposals to widen the Gangmasters Licensing Authority’s (GLA) remit and introduce a new offence of aggravated breach of labour market legislation.

Legislation/Regulation 1 September 2015

Prime Time Recruitment denies employing illegal workers

Multi-sector recruiter Prime Time Recruitment has “strongly refuted” any claims it has employed illegal workers following a swoop on a London factory by immigration officers recently.

Recruiters warned to tread carefully on NMW or lose their GLA licence

The Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) has warned recruiters to tread carefully when charging workers for accommodation, or risk losing their GLA licence.

Legislation/Regulation 31 July 2015

Gangmaster couple jailed for five and a half years

A Lincolnshire couple who ran a gangmaster business were jailed for a total of five and a half years at Sheffield Crown Court in a landmark case.

Australian job board SEEK finds demand in healthcare and medical sector

SEEK, one of the largest job boards in Asia Pacific, has reported heightened labour demand in the Australian healthcare and medical industry.

Romanian arrested on suspicion of being unlicensed gangmaster

A Romanian national was arrested in Lurgan, Northern Ireland, last week on suspicion of acting as an unlicensed gangmaster.

GLA delegates urged to recognise signs of slavery

Tackling modern slavery is the responsibility of everyone — from business owners securing supply chains to law enforcement agencies acting on information; from faith and voluntary groups to the average citizen who notices unusual activity.

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