Sponsored: Textkernel brings Deep Learning to recruitment professionals

Deep learning powers Amazon’s Alexa as well as self-driving cars. Now it’s available for recruitment professionals.

Modern buzzwords such as Deep Learning may seem abstract or “sci-fi”, but this innovation is so common that millions of people use it daily on their smartphones. Virtual assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, are the perfect example of Deep Learning technology in action.
In the future, self-driving cars will be another way companies use Deep Learning, AI algorithms that automatically find patterns in data using brain-like structures called Neural Networks, to revolutionise the way people commute. The good news for recruiters is that deep learning technology is now available to extract and enrich data from CVs. This allows recruiters to find the best possible candidates as quickly as possible with innovations like Textkernel’s Extract! 4.0 CV parsing software.

AI for recruitment - A major qualitative leap in CV parsing
Parsing software that turns CVs or social media profiles into complete and searchable candidate records is not new, however, CV parsing software powered by Deep Learning offering significantly more value to recruiters. Textkernel’s Extract! 4.0 uses Deep Learning to offer a major qualitative leap in how accurately CVs can be turned into detailed candidate records. This significant increase in accuracy means recruiters have the best possible data available to search through and match to jobs, speeding up the process of finding top quality candidates for their available positions.

Innovation provides the competitive edge
The recruitment industry is a competitive market with a number of high-quality solutions, from CV parsing through to semantic searching and matching, offered to staffing agencies and direct employers alike. When small margins have a big impact on your company’s revenue, major qualitative leaps such as Textkernel’s Extract! 4.0 powered by Deep Learning give recruiters the tangible edge required to rise above the competition.
To learn more about the benefits that Deep Learning-powered CV parsing software can offer your company, get in touch with Textkernel.

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