Friendship not love blossomed for recruitment consultant’s Blind Date

Cupid’s arrow fell short of the mark, according to the recruitment consultant that has been entertaining viewers over the past couple of weekends on TV love match show Blind Date.

If you missed the show – here’s a quick reminder from our Graham (not Blind Date’s Graham…): Antoni Davis-Phillip, a recruiter of web developers at Oscar Technology, appeared on Channel 5’s reboot of the show made famous by the late Cilla Black on ITV.

Providing an update of whether love blossomed or not with his pick – candidate (sorry) contestant number 2 Deborah – Davis-Phillip told Recruiter that they are just good friends.

“Me and Deborah stay in touch over the phone, send each other messages especially when the show was on…

“Very, very lovely person. I don’t think we will continue dating but we will certainly stay in touch as friends. Deborah is such a nice person – we do get along well. 

“We’re just going to be friends going forward but we do stay in touch and we do still message.”

Recruiter wishes Antoni well in his search for love. And as for the rest of you recruiters out there, if you’re planning on going on telly, do get in touch – we would love to hear about it. (Love Island, anyone? Anyone…?!)

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