The immigration game

With the final outcome of the Brexit negotiations uncertain, immigration lawyers warn that employers who rely on low-skilled EU workers face a set of particular challenges.

HR 16 April 2018

Sponsored: What does the future look like for disabled talent in the modern workplace?

The workplace may have transformed, but is this for the good of disabled employees?

20 March 2018

Recruitment, robotics and connected devices

Rohit Talwar and fellow authors from Fast Future explore how robotics and connected devices can change the working lives of recruiters for the better.

16 March 2018

GDPR: A carrot not a stick

The upcoming legislation on personal data protection needn’t be the scary monster many fear it to be. Colin Cottell uncovers the positive angle for recruiters

15 March 2018

Driving missed data

Recruiters can buy all the latest data analytics and AI tools they like, but if they aren’t actually moving the business forward, then their use is debatable.

FAST 50 2018: Uncertainty bites

Data from M&A specialists Clearwater International reveals a slowing growth rate for privately-owned recruitment firms.

16 January 2018

Purpose is not a CEO’s job: Myth 3

In the third of our series of how has purpose transformed some of the world’s largest brands, we examine the myth that purpose isn’t applicable to the CEO.

16 January 2018
Technology, employer brand and social recruiting are all hot topics from the latest membership survey from The FIRM (Forum for In-House Recruitment Managers).

Getting inside in-house recruiters

Technology, employer brand and social recruiting are all hot topics from the latest membership survey from The FIRM (Forum for In-House Recruitment Managers).

14 November 2017

Is your site turning away applicants?

Many of us would be put off entering any personal details into an unsecure website but some agencies expect candidates to do precisely that.

Marketing, IT/Telecoms 14 November 2017

Paying the price of service level agreements

Procurement-led and cost-driven service level agreements (SLAs) are damaging the relationship between RPOs (recruitment process outsourcers) and their recruitment agency suppliers. Colin Cottell investigates

Executive search, HR 21 July 2016

Samantha Ramsay in the retail House of Fraser

Describing yourself as someone prone to “come up with crazy new fandangled ideas”, and “a bit of a loon that comes up with some random stuff”, is not the sort of thing you expect to hear from a senior resourcing executive.

23 June 2016

Why friendly workplaces are the least innovative

Innovation is crucial to an organisation’s success, and while friendly employee relationships seem to make an ideal working environment, this may not produce the desired creativity a business is looking for. Dr Tom Mom reports

IT/Telecoms, HR 23 June 2016

Will the M&A bang carry on through 2016?

The rest of the year and beyond is set to be an interesting period for recruitment mergers & acquisitions, but potential headwinds on the horizon may dampen activity, says Mark Maunsell

IT/Telecoms, HR 19 May 2016

Winning recruiters rock the night away

Recruitment professionals from across the UK, Europe and as far afield as India gathered at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London’s Mayfair to celebrate an outstanding year in the industry. Hosted by comedian Romesh Ranganathan, who did a splendid job in presenting 29 awards accompanied by a thumping rock & roll soundtrack, the event was hailed as the best yet. Here are just a few snapshots of the evening’s winners

19 May 2016

Sue Cooper: Giving her heart and soul

Three decades or so ago, Sue Cooper successfully managed to lose what she imagined was “one the safest jobs in the country”.

Education, Public sector 19 May 2016

Time to fold the umbrellas?

Recent changes to the law around T&S have made the future look rather stormy for umbrella companies, reports Colin Cottell

Creative/Digital/Media 27 April 2016

Dash of inspiration

Kevin Blair is blending innovative technology, data and market intelligence with years of experience to change the face of recruitment at networking giant Cisco

IT/Telecoms, HR 26 April 2016

Is unethical behaviour going unpunished?

The characteristics that keep the recruitment industry performing at its peak could be the very ones that encourage unethical behaviour, claims Dr Niek Hoogervorst

HR 22 April 2016

Agency recruitment careers: The Age of the Candidate

Recruiters, time to get candidate-centric!

HR 15 March 2016

Recruitment paradise from the dashboard light

Dashboards are helping recruiters make the shift to data-driven decision-making and increase their productivity. They also bring more transparency to key performance indicators (KPIs) and processes and, in some cases, help agencies to share good practice internally.
Three firms, which have integrated dashboards into their daily lives, tell Sue Weekes how they are maximising their benefits

15 March 2016

Geared to success

Colin Cottell spoke with Gethin Roberts, managing director of driver recruitment agency Drivers Direct Recruitment, about his passion for the road

14 March 2016

Ready to recruit with Pret’s apprenticeships

Ready to recruit with Pret’s apprenticeships

HR 16 February 2016

Agency recruitment careers: Stop doing what you've always done

Agency recruitment careers: Stop doing what you've always done

HR 16 February 2016

Responsive approach to candidates

Responsive approach to candidates

IT/Telecoms 16 February 2016

In-house recruitment careers: Starting up an in-house recruiting operation

In-house recruitment careers: Starting up an in-house recruiting operation

IT/Telecoms, HR 20 January 2016

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