Sponsored: Why Page Group chooses to use DaXtra Technologies

DaXtra Technologies has been supporting Page Group with their recruitment workflow for years.

Why did Page Group choose DaXtra Technologies?

Do you want to save time and money, but also make money whilst seamlessly integrating with your database?  

DaXtra Technologies is a global recruitment technology company which has been established for over 15 years. We are market leaders in CV parsing and data searching which we provide to SMEs all the way up to some of the largest companies in the world.

We accelerate your candidate data into your database with our DaXtra Capture product, driving down time for consultants’ day to day administrative tasks and providing a highly accurate, full profile for your business. We also dramatically decrease the amount of time to search your database and external sources, allowing quicker shortlisting, more accurate searches and ultimately more placements!



We accurately capture full candidate data, extract and weight candidate skills, and track the source of the candidate, all whilst checking and updating existing records. We also automate the task of anonymising and branding CVs with your company template. This means you have rich, highly structured candidate data at your fingertips, immediately available to match to your relevant roles.

By using Capture you can save up to 95% of direct labour cost over alternative candidate data entry methods. By automating this process you’ll have a lot more time to spend one on one with candidates.

It also enables you to widen the pool of quality candidates with our multilingual CV analysis technology which is available in over 30 languages, with more in development. This multitude of languages allows you to have clients across all continents.



Do you want to get the best candidates in front of your clients quickly and easily? We use natural language technology to help you search for candidates, across multiple sources including job boards and social media, all via one interface within your database. We rank candidates based on the context of their CV rather than a simple key term lookup, as if a consultant was actively reading every paragraph. Candidate records are then created or updated by one click of a button, streamlining your recruitment workflow.

This powerful tool increases the productivity of recruiters, by reducing the time to deliver the best-matched candidate to clients.

With DaXtra’s integrated search, activities can still be controlled, monitored and reported on. You can easily calculate your return against online CV spend.


How does it work?

These 2 key capabilities are underpinned by the best technology in the marketplace, used by thousands of clients across the globe including companies like Michael Page, Impellam and Hays. We have the highest accuracy across the greatest number of languages, more than any other provider.

This has really given our clients a competitive edge, creating time to engage more with candidates and clients to focus on building revenue streams, and not time consuming tasks like data management.

In what is arguably the most competitive recruitment marketplace ever, can you afford not to have the best candidate workflow solution that gives you the competitive edge?


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