Soundbites: September/October 2021

“Has the reopening after lockdown in the UK lived up to your expectations?”

Chris King

Thunder & CEO, Lightning Travel Recruitment

“For us at Lightning Travel – and for the travel industry in general – lockdown lifting and, more importantly, the green list for travel getting bigger by the day has been a HUGE collective sigh of relief. Agents are reporting their busiest months ever and we’ve employed our first full-time member of staff. There’s still a long way to go in terms of recovery, but it’s fantastic to be having positive conversations again and see clients changing their ways of working for the better.”

Elliot Rivett

Director and owner, Koda Staff

“Returning to the office has been fantastic; seeing our colleagues’ smiling faces in person rather than over video calls has been a breath of fresh air. There’s no better place for a recruiter than to be surrounded by the buzz and positive vibes of a successful high energy sales floor! After a long 18 months, it’s great to finally be able to buy the entire office a beverage to celebrate our continued growth during arguably the most challenging time of our careers. We are looking forward to expanding to our new offices in the coming months and partying at the London Bierfest, in the spirit of the Oktoberfest. Plenty to look forward to for Koda Staff!”

Mark Sattin

Director, Finatal

“After a record breaking first half of the year at Finatal, the end of lockdown gave us more drive to rebuild those key relationships with colleagues, clients and candidate. Due to the surge in demand of face-to-face meetings, we have invested in doubling our office space based in Piccadilly to encourage more collaboration. We predict the market will only continue to get stronger as companies find the right balance between office based and home-based working.”

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