Recognising your recruiters – A guide to recruitment leaders

In the first edition of this three-series blog, we introduced the first pillar of a successful employee retention strategytraining – and how to carry out a skills audit to identify the ‘core’ skills gap within your team.  

25 September 2019

IR35: 7 top tips for recruitment businesses

At the time of writing, there are less than 7 months to 6 April 2020. Agencies and clients alike have a lot to do in that time so here are at REC HQ we have seven top tips for you.

25 September 2019

Recruitment membership for your team - 3 reasons why you should consider it

How your membership can support your employee retention strategy

25 September 2019

Recruiters seek efficiences in a tighter market

Recruitment Industry Benchmark's new Index.

19 September 2019

The Intelligence: Building confidence in the economy

Britain’s £35bn recruitment industry is at the heart of prosperity and the flexible jobs market is a key strength.

19 September 2019

Hadley's comment: The final countdown

Tom Hadley, REC director of policy and campaigns, asks if recruiters are ready for the challenges and opportunities of Brexit

19 September 2019

The View: Time to own our own destiny

It’s time for us to own our own destiny, says Neil Carberry, REC chief executive

19 September 2019

How do we get the future of jobs right?

How can we better integrate the path from education into work?

Public sector, Education 19 September 2019

Upcoming training and events: October 2019

See the year out in style by supercharging your professional development

19 September 2019

IRP October 2019: Building a successful agency

James Milner, executive director at The Bridge, on building a successful agency

IT/Telecoms 19 September 2019

Legal update: Can I ask questions about a candidate’s health during the recruitment process?

This question is commonly asked on the legal helpline. Section 60 of the Equality Act 2010 (Equality Act) states that when an application is made for work, you must not ask about the candidate’s health before offering work or on a conditional basis where you later turn down the candidate based on the answers given.

Legal, HR 19 September 2019

Upcoming training and events

School's back, so now it's time for you to focus on your professional development

16 August 2019

Training your staff – How to do a skills audit

It’s a good time to be in recruitment.

15 August 2019

Setting up a recruitment business – where to start

Our latest Recruitment Industry Trends report indicates a 10% increase in the number of recruitment businesses in the UK, totaling 30,430 in the year to March 2018.

15 August 2019

IRP September 2019: Workplace culture

Caroline Cafferty, operations director at Justteachers, on workplace culture

Public sector, Education 14 August 2019

IRP September 2019: Employee engagement

Suzy Astbury, managing director at Inspired Selection, on employee engagement

Creative/Digital/Media 14 August 2019

Legal update: Draft legislation for private sector IR35 reform

On 11 July the government unveiled its draft Finance Bill 2019/20, which includes draft legislation for reform of the off-payroll working rules in the private sector. 

Legal, HR 14 August 2019

Big talking point: Training for temps

The REC has launched a petition to end the scandal of locking temporary workers out of the Apprenticeship Levy system. Here’s why it matters

New client activity softens

Recruitment Industry Benchmark's new Index.

14 August 2019

The Intelligence: New Workforce Intelligence series strengthens regional expertise

The REC has partnered with Emsi with a new series of research for members. 

14 August 2019

Hadley's comment: A letter to Mr Johnson

Tom Hadley, REC director of policy and campaigns, issues his 'to do' list for jobs to the new prime minister

14 August 2019

The View: Championing local recruitment

Championing local recruitment is essential to seeing the bigger, national picture, says Neil Carberry, REC chief executive

14 August 2019

REC calls for immigration reforms

The immigration system needs to be more open to keep the economy at full strength

14 August 2019

Government policy fails almost one million temporary workers

960,000 temporary workers could benefit from better skills training if government let them access the training funds their agencies pay to the Treasury. 

17 July 2019

Four reasons to attend the Savage Sell Masterclasses in September.

The Savage Sell format is a fast-paced 4-hour intensive yet fun workshop. It’s made up of entirely new content, providing a proven blueprint on every facet of leading-edge sales.

17 July 2019

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