Recruiters struggle with quality of hire and talent scarcities

The biggest challenge facing recruiters in 2018 is a combination of getting the right quality of hire and talent scarcities, according to the results of a recent survey by recruitment technology firm Oleeo (formerly known as WCN) in association with Recruiter.

20 June 2018

Using neuro-agility to excel under pressure

It’s impossible to avoid stress in today’s highly energised, ever-changing sales and recruitment environment, says neuro-agility specialist Carole Gaskell.

29 May 2018

Sector Barometer shows signs of optimism for industry

Most recruiters are hitting or exceeding their targets, according to the latest Sector Barometer.

16 April 2018

GDPR and the Facebook scandal

Data protection is in the news, but GDPR presents challenges for many according to Drey Francis at Engage Technology Partners.

29 March 2018

Latest Report on Jobs shows sharp rise in perm placements

Recruiters witnessed a sharp increase in perm placements last month, according to the latest IHS Markit/REC Report on Jobs.

A reality check on purpose: Myth 1

How has purpose transformed some of the world’s largest brands? Hear from the people who work at those organisations and make it happen.

Marketing, HR 23 October 2017

Programmatic advertising

Black art or a recruiter's saviour?

Marketing, IT/Telecoms 19 September 2017

Candid talking from candidates

Asking candidates what they think of you can benefit hiring – and employer brand.

19 September 2017

Recruitment sees recent spate of MBO activity

Management buy-outs (MBOs) have always been a feature of the recruitment industry, but could a recent spate of MBO activity be a sign of things to come? Colin Cottell investigates.

18 May 2017

Managing the fallout from cyber attacks

Insurance experts say the initial impact of a cyber attack is distressing but the ensuing aftershocks can be catastrophic, reports Colin Cottell

HR, Legal 23 August 2016

Rise of the machines

On-demand platforms are potentially disruptive forces for the recruitment industry. Felix Wetzel explores what advantages these new entrants have over traditional recruitment agencies.

11 Most Influential In-house Recruiters: Leading the resourcing challenge

Driving and effecting change is a key theme for deciding who are the top in-house resourcing influencers this year. Scott Beagrie introduces 2016’s list

23 August 2016

Boost for lending with new legal changes

Upcoming legislation aims to give lending to recruitment agencies a shot in the arm. But is it that simple? Colin Cottell investigates the legal implications

HR, Legal 21 July 2016

Moving the story on

Could this be the biggest story of the 21st century to date?

21 July 2016

Paying the price of service level agreements

Procurement-led and cost-driven service level agreements (SLAs) are damaging the relationship between RPOs (recruitment process outsourcers) and their recruitment agency suppliers. Colin Cottell investigates

Executive search, HR 21 July 2016

Mobile-friendly searching

Google recently finished rolling out its ‘mobile-friendly algorithm boost’. This means that mobile-friendly websites appear higher up the search results if the user is searching on a mobile phone. Those that aren’t mobile-ready may find themselves slipping down the rankings.

Transitioning from refugee to worker

A not-for-profit social enterprise company is venturing into an area that most employers and recruitment agencies fear to tread. Transitions London, founded in 2010, aims to help arguably the most marginalised group in the UK labour market: refugees. The figures tell their own story, with the unemployment rate for refugees at around 70%, according to a Department of Work and Pensions research paper in 2002, far higher than for the general population.

Education 19 July 2016

Technology gets to the source of the talent

Whether you are a Sourcing Ninja or an absolute beginner, technology offers recruiters tools to help unearth even the most hidden talent, says Sue Weekes

IT/Telecoms 24 June 2016

Background screening: Who are you hiring?

Employers aren’t treating the screening process for international workers with the seriousness it deserves, warn lawyers and compliance companies. Colin Cottell investigates

IT/Telecoms, Legal 23 June 2016

Samantha Ramsay in the retail House of Fraser

Describing yourself as someone prone to “come up with crazy new fandangled ideas”, and “a bit of a loon that comes up with some random stuff”, is not the sort of thing you expect to hear from a senior resourcing executive.

23 June 2016

Why friendly workplaces are the least innovative

Innovation is crucial to an organisation’s success, and while friendly employee relationships seem to make an ideal working environment, this may not produce the desired creativity a business is looking for. Dr Tom Mom reports

IT/Telecoms, HR 23 June 2016

Will the M&A bang carry on through 2016?

The rest of the year and beyond is set to be an interesting period for recruitment mergers & acquisitions, but potential headwinds on the horizon may dampen activity, says Mark Maunsell

IT/Telecoms, HR 19 May 2016

Data demands

Information has always equalled power, but in 2016 it’s more accurate to replace the word ‘information’ with ‘data’. Sue Weekes investigates

19 May 2016

Winning recruiters rock the night away

Recruitment professionals from across the UK, Europe and as far afield as India gathered at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London’s Mayfair to celebrate an outstanding year in the industry. Hosted by comedian Romesh Ranganathan, who did a splendid job in presenting 29 awards accompanied by a thumping rock & roll soundtrack, the event was hailed as the best yet. Here are just a few snapshots of the evening’s winners

19 May 2016

Sue Cooper: Giving her heart and soul

Three decades or so ago, Sue Cooper successfully managed to lose what she imagined was “one the safest jobs in the country”.

Education, Public sector 19 May 2016

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