Are you making the right marketing noises?

Thomas Bridge, managing director at Magdalen Marketing Agency, advises on the right approach to social media marketing.

Marketing 5 January 2018

GDPR: Age of consent

Next May’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may be causing recruiters, umbrella companies and payroll providers a headache now, but ignoring it will bring about a full-on migraine, as Colin Cottell discovers.

19 October 2017

Ask the expert: November 2017

I think most clearly about my business while on holiday. How can I achieve that clarity all year round?

19 October 2017

How not to do your business networking

Two years ago I made a significant career change, which meant I needed to rapidly upgrade my networking skills. I’m pretty sure I made every error possible.

10 October 2017

Ask the expert: October 2017

Q: I spend all my time on internal recruitment and it’s hurting the business. How can I free up the time?

19 September 2017

Staff and scandal – advice for companies

Media coverage of Wayne Rooney’s drink driving arrest and subsequent marital problems has been intense, with many papers focusing on Laura Simpson – the woman at the centre of it.

Legal, HR 14 September 2017

Revolutionise the way you recruit with texting

Finding the right candidate for the job is a costly investment in time and energy.

17 August 2017

13 tips to get insurance right

Our guide tells you how to minimise insurance risks with contractors.

16 August 2017

How to get your next job or promotion – by finding your sales voice

As all recruiters know we spend our lives either selling, or being sold to.

Marketing & Sales 30 June 2017

ACAS launches guide

Non-departmental public body The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) has launched a guide to help employers and managers identify, tackle and prevent sex discrimination in the workplace.

4 April 2016

REC launches Scale Up Workbook

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation has published the Scale Up Workbook for recruitment agency leaders.

4 April 2016

Six ways to prepare your company ahead of equal gender pay transparency in 2018

With new rules surrounding equal gender pay transparency delayed until 2018, now is a good time to start thinking about how to get your company ready for when it does come into force.

17 March 2016

Pirate Talk: The need to learn

Training structures and establishing a sustainable framework for success was the hot topic at the latest Recruitment Directors Lunch Club

15 March 2016

10 tips for turning around a dysfunctional team

Call it the need for turning around a dysfunctional team or creating a high performing one, every leader who has taken charge of a group of people knows that sometimes interventions are required.

HR 22 February 2016

Expanding business: Meet America

Expanding business: Meet America

17 February 2016

How to avoid being taken to an Employment Tribunal

As a recruitment professional you’re often also regarded as an HR expert too.

Legal 25 January 2016

How to make 2016 your best year ever

How to make 2016 your best year ever

20 January 2016

Check employment policies, recruiters are urged

Recruiters should review their employment policies and procedures as government proposes to make it easier for cases to be brought against companies contravening a new offence of aggravated breach of labour market legislation.

Commercial & office support 18 January 2016

Pirate talk: January 2016

Pirate talk: January 2016

21 December 2015

Culture, brand and sustainable success

Culture, brand and sustainable success

19 November 2015

Decision has implications for flexible staffing in the US

Due to a recent decision of the US’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), and a change in the perception of what a ‘joint employer’ is, staffing companies in the US should prepare to assume a greater role in the management of the workforce they contract out.

Legal 28 September 2015

Why and how to use psychometric testing

There are contrasting opinions on the efficiency of psychometric testing in the business and recruitment industries. This is due to common misconceptions surrounding them.

HR 25 August 2015

The importance of SME leadership

The role of a leader is crucial in any organisation but especially so in small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

25 August 2015

Pirate talk: Business advice

During the recent Recruitment Directors Lunch Club season the 20 assembled founders, or Pirates, debated ‘Reasons to thrive in recruitment — not just the money’

Creative/Digital/Media 22 July 2015

Five strategies to make the most of a growing market

After years of struggling against contracting markets, renewed economic confidence in most sectors is providing the opportunity for SME [small to medium] recruitment consultancies to accelerate their growth — often dramatically.

23 June 2015

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