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Sunday 26 February 2017

Five ways to stay motivated, even after your 100th rejection

Tue, 19 Aug 2014 | By Shawn Anderson
Shawn Anderson

Continuous rejection, failure and hearing “no” is deflating. It takes a toll. It can leave confidence at rock bottom, and make people risk averse and unwilling to set goals. 

Most of us would love to experience more success in our finances, relationships or health, for example. The reason we don’t is because we cut the connection between success and ourselves too easily. 

Feeling rejected is part of success’s weeding-out game. No one is exempt from failure and hearing “no”. Someone who rarely hears “no” may not be setting their ambitions very high. However, people are often disappointed in life not because their goals lack size but because their ability to weather the “no” storm is not strong enough.

If your results are not motivating you, the following five tips may do the trick.

1. Have an unstoppable purpose

If we desire a goal with every fibre of our being, we will have the power to get past rejection. If our passion is deep enough, when someone whispers the words “you can’t” to us, we will not listen for long enough to give up on ourselves.

2. Screw excuses 

People who make excuses regarding their performance soon make excuses to stop performing. Don’t let “no” be a blow to the ego but a chance to polish your thinking.

3. You’re the cue ball

Striking the white cue ball sends all the other balls on the pool table into motion. Likewise, our action pushes others into action. If we’re not landing enough success, it’s because we’re not striking the cue ball enough.

4. Sharpen your axe 

Hearing “no” dulls confidence and desire. The duller we get, the duller our results become and the more we will hear “no”. Stay sharp. Exercise daily, read empowering books and hang out with inspirational people.

5. Always go the extra mile

If you’re receiving a lot of rejection, turn this around by going the extra mile and adding value to your offer or efforts. Added value means added opportunities.

Shawn Anderson is the author of six books, a keynote speaker and a motivational success coach. He is the founder of Extra Mile America, an organisation that will lead an estimated 500 cities to declare 1 November 2014 as Extra Mile Day, a day to recognise the capacity we each have to create positive change in our families, organisations and communities when we go the extra mile. For more information about Shawn Anderson, visit ShawnAnderson.com.

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