Young Turks strike out to embrace bright future

Deedee Doke recently visited the country, straddling east and west, to discover the dynamic trends in recruitment.

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Hudson jumps into the digital age

Hudson Talent Solutions (previously Hudson UK) is known for pure-play recruitment, RPO solutions

Creative/Digital/Media 15 August 2017
CREDIT : istock

Airline pilots: the model for intelligent recruiting?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new trend in the field of psychometric assessment – and it’s so

Rec-to-rec, HR 18 July 2017

Wise up to candidate dissatisfaction

Job candidates know only too well how important it is to make the right impression on a potential

HR 16 June 2017
Credit: ikon

Video technology: reinventing the interview

The rise of video interviewing is an interesting example of the difficulties and advantages of di

HR 24 May 2017