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Tuesday 28 February 2017

Heineken to use video interviews to streamline recruitment process

Thu, 21 Apr 2016
video interviewing

Heineken is turning to video interviewing as part of a drive to streamline its recruitment processes.

Last month, the cider, beer and pub company launched its ‘Faces of Heineken’ campaign showcasing real employees working across its business, from brand managers to accountants, brewery operatives to sales managers, engineers to orcharding specialists. 

At the time, the firm said the campaign was part of a drive to streamline its recruitment processes and make it easier for candidates to access roles on offer.

Expanding on the campaign, a spokesperson for Heineken told Recruiter that streamlining the firm’s recruitment process will result in “slicker” internal recruitment and more collaboration between departments to turn interviews and contracts around more quickly, as well as embracing new technology.

“We are also embracing new technology, such as video interviews, allowing more candidates to speak directly with us,” the spokesperson said. 

“We will continue to learn from our new approach and trial new technology.”

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