Hard cheese if you’ve got a lot of bottle and don’t get this job

Do you like cheese? Well, have we found a gouda job for you?

Yes, we have. The Dairy Market Development Forum, made up of Dairy UK and AHDB, has launched a campaign to help remind people of their ‘quiet’ love of dairy, which includes a humorous video advert, hosted by head of HR Mike Howe…

The (ehem) Department of Dairy Related Wholesome Affairs (DDRWA) – which promotes the benefits of milk, cheese, yoghurt and any other forms of dairy – is on the hunt for six ‘grate’ new recruits.

In its LinkedIn job ad, the DDRWA revealed these brie-liant new roles include a minister for milk, a director of cheese (soft), a director of cheese (hard), a head of butter, a chief yoghurt officer and an ice cream cone-oisseur.

Good luck and make sure you fill out your applications Caerphilly.

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