Not all recruiters have a POETS day – even on National Finish Work at 4pm day

Recruiters are divided over whether to participate in National Finish Work at 4pm today.

Today is National Finish Work at 4pm day – no, really it’s a thing – as the brainchild of drinks company Red Bull. So Recruiter threw the question open to our readers as to whether they will be participating. Here’s what they had to say:

“We all work long hours Monday-Thursday, so we usually finish at 3pm on a Friday anyway! It’s a great way to kick off the weekend,” Simon Taylor, CEO, Triple Seven Group.

“Our working week is 100 miles an hour, so a 4pm finish is our reward for absolutely smashing it Monday-Thursday!” Hannah Thomson, head of business development, Ashmore Stark

“ESG are based bang in the centre of the City of London; giving our consultants a 4pm finish every Friday means that they can go out and enjoy all of the local bars and restaurants,” Richard Daniels, managing director, ESG Recruitment.

"Whilst we like to support staff focused ‘incentives’, one size doesn’t fit all. This is our busiest time of year, particularly for next day bookings, and offering a 4pm finish would have a detrimental effect on our clients’ staffing levels. We have a unique way of incentivising our own staff that has a positive impact on both our business and our clients,” Wayne Hodgson, managing director at Red Eagle.

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