SAFERjobs launches anti-fraud framework

Non-profit organisation SAFERjobs has launched a framework for recruiters aimed at preventing jobseekers being subject to attempted fraud.

The framework contains a Code of Conduct for job boards and a set of good practice principles for recruitment agencies, which complements and reinforces established industry standards. 

SAFERjobs has partnered with the Department for Work & Pensions, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Metropolitan Police and the recruitment industry to create a voluntary Code of Conduct for job boards and a voluntary set of principles for recruiters. The aim is to raise awareness of fraud threats and protect job hunters, as well as compliant businesses. 

The Code of Conduct calls on recruitment businesses to:

•    Explain how vacancies appear on their site and only advertise jobs that actually exist and the company is permitted to advertise;
•    Perform agreed standards of due diligence and/or agency staff compliance upfront and adhere to any required legislation ongoing relevant to the sector;
•    Limit how many times the same advert can be published and not advertise adverts that portray themselves to be something they are not;
•    Pay jobseekers promptly and correctly within agreed timescales and be upfront about any charges to jobseekers;
•    Ensure jobseeker information is confidential and only share with express consent;
•    Obtain the jobseeker’s permission before transferring their data and/or supply in writing clear and full information to the jobseeker about the vacancy;
•    Agree a transparent process to investigate breaches and jobseeker complaints quickly and professionally;
•    Actively support working with under-represented jobseekers including people with convictions, disabled groups, ex-military personnel, and ethnic minorities;
•    Include an easily accessible area of the site dedicated to offering advice of common and prevalent scams with a link to SAFERjobs and carry the agreed SAFERjobs text;
•    Be duty-bound to report and share information with SAFERjobs.


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