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Tuesday 28 February 2017
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Be rewarded for talent investment

June 2014
Investing in Talent


Does your recruitment business invest in your talent – your staff, and the contractors and temporary workers whose services you provide to clients?

How does your recruitment business take care of its temporary workforces and contractors? What are your pay and benefits strategies for your employees, both inside and outside the UK? Do you provide a great workplace environment? Do you offer an especially innovative benefit or a dynamic team motivation event?

And what learning and development are offered for your newcomers, your managers and your senior leaders?

Recruiter is looking for recruitment businesses that set, and exceed, industry standards as an employer and agency of choice for employees, contractors and temporary workforces in the inaugural Investing in Talent Awards. 

Entrants can choose from 15 organisational categories covering most aspects of workforce care. Three categories for inspirational individuals at newcomer, manager and senior leader levels will also be opened to competition. 

“Competition for the talent that can make a difference to a business has never been higher,” said Recruiter editor DeeDee Doke. “Recruitment businesses compete with professional service companies, and with each other, to attract and retain motivated staff. They also compete to place and represent top-quality contractors and temporary workers.

“We are introducing these honours to help the best of the best — those recruiters who invest in their talent — to stand out in a crowded field.” 

A truly unique category within the human capital space will be Best Sustainable Employability Strategy. This category will recognise a company that implements effective workforce planning and ensuring that knowledge, skills and ability training for staff is ongoing to meet the future needs of the business and its clients. It will also relate to ensuring that a company’s internal people policies and practices promote and support optimum health and physical/mental well-being.

“This category will also touch on some key issues for recruiters as contributors to the UK’s future economy by looking at a company’s external initiatives to help various populations access meaningful careers advice to secure meaningful work on a living wage,” Doke said. “Being recognised for achievements in this area should help recruiters not only attract and retain talent, but win business and even additional credibility from their clients.”

• The ‘Early Bird’ deadline for entries will be 31 July. The Awards luncheon and presentation will be held in late autumn at a time and location to be announced. To enter, visit www.investingintalent.co.uk from Monday, 16 June. 

The categories will be:

• Best Contractor Care (UK)

• Best Contractor Care (International/Global)

• Best Temporary Workforce Care (Specialist)

• Best Temporary Workforce Care (Volume)

• Most Effective Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

• Most Effective Flexible Working Strategy

• Most Effective Professional Development for Newcomers

• Most Effective Professional Development for Managers and/or Executives

• Most Effective Pay & Benefits Strategy (UK Staff)

• Most Effective Pay & Benefits Strategy (Staff Outside the UK)

• Best Employee Share/Equity Scheme

• Most Innovative Benefit

• Most Effective Team Motivation Event

• Best Workplace Environment

• Best Sustainable Employability Strategy

• Most Inspiring Newcomer

• Most Inspiring Team Leader/Manager

• Most Inspiring Recruitment Leader

For sponsorship enquiries, contact Tom Culley at +44 (0) 20 7880 7607 or at tom.culley@recruiter.co.uk

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