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Tuesday 28 February 2017
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Army recruitment campaign ‘Steps Up’ as adverts launch

Mon, 20 May 2013
A new recruitment campaign for the British Army launches today. The campaign kicks off with ‘Step Up’, a series of adverts that will hit TV screens from this evening.

The advert explores what the Army has to offer new recruits, as if seen through the lens of a pair of iconic British Army boots. See it below:

The campaign aims to dispel the misconception that the Army isn’t hiring, with a survey indicating that only half of people are aware that this is the case.  

Brigadier Andrew Jackson, the British Army’s director of recruiting and training, says: “No matter what its size, the Army is always recruiting.”

According to an Army press release, the ‘Step Up’ campaign is part of a wider recruitment drive aimed at bringing 10,000 new soldiers and officers into the Army in the coming year.

The new campaign is further output from the British Army-Capita partnership that went live in March, with the launch of the National Recruiting Centre in Upavon, Wiltshire, and was the subject of Recruiter’s April cover profile feature.

Among the other initiatives are recruitment clinics in nearly 400 Jobcentres across the UK, due to begin on 17 June.
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Not really a good idea to get rid of your experienced troops in order to make way for inexperienced youths. It can only end with the 'Hitler Youth' type of Army full of extremely eager and zealous troops, who at the first sign of trouble will get rolled over and destroyed.
I heard the percy (Army) rupert who conceived this idea on the radio the other day. You sir, if you believe your own rhetoric, are a buffoon!

Cador Pendry (22/05/2013 11:14:07)