Managing talent is only way forward

Talent should today be defined in terms of what is “the best way to get things done”, a London audience heard last week.

The ’results-only work environment’, emerging in today’s business world, reflects the combined effects of the breaking down of traditional organisations, demographic shifts, world economic conditions and technological advances, as well as the sheer speed of the marketplace.

Employers poised for greater market agility must consider how they spend money on getting work produced. Subsequently, organisational readiness in a changing climate requires work to be handled in many ways, said Bruce Morton, director, recruitment and HR consultancy Talent2.

“Organisational readiness is the single biggest strategic or competitive advantage for any enterprise in the 21st century,” Morton said.

No fewer than 10 categories of worker, from interns to contractors, produce work for organisations today, without even including non-employees who are invited to contribute to the output via suggestion programmes.

“We had ’personnel’. We had HR, now we do talent management - and talent management is the management of how you get things done,” Morton said.

“HR departments that are looking at business in this way are having an impact.”

Morton spoke to corporate recruiters and suppliers last Thursday at The Daily Telegraph.

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