LinkedIn launches Referral Engine and Jobs for You Ads

Professional network LinkedIn is set to launch a Referral Engine and Jobs for You Ads.

Professional network LinkedIn is set to launch a Referral Engine and Jobs for You Ads.

The Referral Engine enables companies to generate more high-quality applicants by tapping the thousands or even millions of professionals in their employees’ LinkedIn networks, while Jobs for You Ads intelligently distributes job postings to passive and active candidates across the web.

David Hahn, vice president of product management at LinkedIn, says: “Today, an employee can only make a referral if there’s a match between a job they know about and a professional contact that happens to be top of mind.

“But what about every other open job at their company, and all the talented people they know but aren’t thinking of? LinkedIn Referral Engine offers the first scalable solution to this problem.

“The hiring solutions announced today further the power of LinkedIn’s extensive professional network by putting open jobs in front of the right candidates, no matter where they are on the web.

“By using these new, targeted tools and harnessing the networks of their employees, LinkedIn customers will generate more high-quality employment leads and fill their open positions faster, while also increasing quality of hire.”

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