Further software integration drags recruiter databases up-to-date

Three more major recruitment software firms are offering integration with the toolbar Drag&Tag that allows recruiters to more easily categorise, share and search information that they find online.

Agreements have recently been signed with Voyager, Bullhorn and Bond International. The product already integrates with Microdec-Profile and EZAccess.

Drag&Tag is the brainchild of Guy Rubin and Zac Roberts who, when working as consultants to the recruitment industry, found that while agencies invest heavily in front office systems and populate them with a lot of information, some recruitment consultants weren’t using them.

Rubin, founder and managing director, told Recruiter that analysis of recruiters’ behaviour revealed that they were spending the majority of their lives in their browser or in Outlook.

“Each recruiter had their own way retaining useful information whether it be in an Excel Spreadsheet, Outlook or their top drawer and rarely was this information getting to the front office system. This was a downside for the business as this material was not being shared across the organisation,” said Rubin. “We wanted to find a way of consolidating these second-tier databases. If you are a 100-man recruitment agency, there could be 100 of these [second-tier databases] in place.”

Drag&Tag is a toolbar that sits in a browser and when a recruiter finds a piece of information or a candidate profile that is of interest, they can click the Tag button to save the relevant web page to a folder. Folders have a status such as private, team or public and any information becomes instantly searchable from the Drag&Tag search box. Emails and their attachments can also be tagged from Outlook and these also become searchable, as can LinkedIn profiles.

“Recruiters can also decide whether they want to update a record on their database with this information and with Drag&;Tag they are only ever two clicks away from their front office system,” explained Rubin.

Drag&Tag already has 729 registered users and is in use by 12 recruitment agencies. Among those to have signed up recently are CD Sales Recruitment, Next Ventures and JAM recruitment. The product is sold as software-as-a-service (SaaS) and licences range from £9.99-£19.99 per user per month. There is a free version but it does have some restrictions.

One of the early adopters is Resourcing Solutions, which specialises in the energy, power, engineering and construction sector. Business consultant Barry Potier says Drag&Tag has been instrumental in helping to streamline its applicant registration process and has taken considerable strain away from the administrative and support team, “while at the same time enforcing mandatory data allowing our consultants to find and search our database more effectively”, he explained.

“Moreover, it also gives us the ability to store and share details of applicants who are of interest for future contact and registration within the Drag&Tag folder set up, while not polluting our database with incomplete records.”

Potier added that it also allowed consultants and senior management to share important sector, project and client information, and help make informed decisions in dealings with existing clients, as well as an insight into new prospects.

“The ability to Drag&Tag online profiles of contacts, clients and applicants is a great way of storing vital information, especially within our database,” he said.

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