New generation revealed by research

A new generation of ambitious and career-minded women has been identified in a new study commissioned by Persil.

The Wow (Women Organising the World) generation works hard and plays hard, and has increasingly high expectations for work, relationships and family life.

The typical Wow generation woman is aged 30 to 50 and wants a career as well as to look good and find time to spend with her family.
She often gets things done on-the-go, for example, checking emails while pushing her children on the swings or taking work calls while out in a restaurant.

It says high-profile examples include Birmingham City Football Club chief executive Karren Brady, White Company founder Chrissie Rucker and food writer Tana Ramsay.

Report author Dr Rosalind Gill, a senior lecturer in gender theory at the London School of Economics (LSE), says: "This is a growing group, highly symbolically significant, which will become crucially important for the future of British society."

Women now make up 46% of the UK workforce but still do the bulk of household chores, according to LSE research.

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