Curve on the edge

Training firm is suffering from downturn following rapid growth

Recruitment training provider The Curve is in financial trouble and could go into liquidation within a matter of days, Professional Recruiter has learned.

The company, one of the most respected trainers in the industry, was the result of a merger last year between Learning Curve and Lander Associates, run by Marilyn Davidson and Fiona Lander respectively.

‘We haven’t gone into liquidation, but we are in discussions to see what we can do about our current situation,’ said Marilyn Davidson.

Davidson admitted that ambitious expansion plans last year had left the company a victim of the current downturn in the market.

‘When we merged we had expansion plans which were very costly,’ she said. ‘Then we lost a couple of major clients and, coupled with the general malaise in the market, we have found ourselves in trouble.’

Davidson was adamant, however, that this would not be the end of her or Lander’s training career. ‘We will know more next week,’ she said. ‘In the meantime it is our intention to honour all outstanding in-company training programmes.’

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