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Blockchain technology: New kid on the block

The application of blockchain technology in recruitment is only in its infancy, but many believe it is just a matter of time before it drives real change in the industry.

16 April 2018

Employability: Bringing the bar-riers down

An initiative between industrial manufacturing firm Jablite and HM Prison (HMP) Ford is revealing the benefits of an enlightened approach to those detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

Industrial/Manufacturing, HR 15 March 2018

PageGroup: Diverse strands

Keeping diversity & inclusion at the top of PageGroup’s agenda falls to directors Sheri Hughes (left) and Sarah Kirk (right).

14 February 2018

Guide to Recruitment Technology 2018: An eventful year ahead

Software developers tell us what we can expect from their products in the coming year and what technology-related trends will have the biggest impact

16 January 2018

Day dream believers

Healthcare recruiter Day Webster tops the Recruiter FAST 50 charts but its founders plan on even greater success in the future.

Healthcare/Medical 16 January 2018
A clear employer brand is central to business growth success, but establishing it does bring certain challenges, reports Colin Cottell

Employer brand: A question of identity

A clear employer brand is central to business growth success, but establishing it does bring certain challenges, reports Colin Cottell

14 November 2017

Age Positive Executive Search is on a mission

Age bias is being tackled head on by a recruitment start-up firm

19 October 2017

Looking different

Cordant Group’s vision of a social enterprise certainly makes it stand out from the crowd. Colin Cottell reports

Marketing & Sales, Education 19 October 2017

Second wind

The recruiters who use the money gained from selling their businesses to invest in other companies.

19 September 2017

As a recruitment leader are you inspiring your team to follow your lead?

People learn through observing others – how they act, how they react, how they make others feel.

HR 27 April 2017

Pop-up cafés offer new skills for deaf

Pop-up cafes are helping people who are deaf or hard of hearing to get a foothold in the hospitality industry, reports Colin Cottell. 

Retail, Hospitality/Leisure 20 April 2017

Benchmarking: compare and contrast

It’s never been easy to operate a successful recruitment business but being able to compare your company against your competitors is a good start

19 April 2017

A taxing time for public sector recruitment

Changes to the new IR35 rules haven’t curbed concerns of its impact to public sector recruitment, with fears of a knee-jerk reaction to the legislation. Colin Cottell reports

Executive search 19 April 2017

Combating unconscious bias in the workplace

A programme aimed at tackling unconscious bias is playing a vital role in construction company Carillion’s efforts to boost workforce diversity and inclusion.

Game Changers 2017

In this year’s Game Changers, sponsored by Oracle + Netsuite, Sue Weekes highlights five specific areas where technology can make the difference to recruiting and throws the spotlight on five game-changing companies to watch out for

Invoice finance: Mind the financial gap

Invoice finance is widely used by recruitment businesses as a way to bridge the gap...

Head in the clouds: cyber security

With cyber security making headlines around the world, where can recruiters turn to ensure confidential data is secure? Information stored in the cloud may not be as safe as you think, as Colin Cottell finds out

IT/Telecoms 1 February 2017

Off-payroll rules: Shifting the liability

The new financial year could see the responsibility for administering off-payroll workers’ tax...

1 January 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: Open and frank discussion on onshore legislation

A Recruiter-held roundtable, sponsored by Anderson Group, gave rise to many issues. Nicola Sullivan reports

15 October 2014

SPECIAL REPORT: Incentives play role when picking payroll provider

The results of a Recruiter and FPS Group survey highlight the burden of legislation and the use of incentives

16 October 2013

In-house recruiters cite direct sourcing as top priority in 2013 – Special Report

Direct sourcing is the top recruiting priority for in-house recruiters in 2013, according to the 2012-13 survey of members of The Forum for In-House Recruitment Managers (The FIRM).

Special report: Manpower in firing line as CWU steps up campaign against Swedish Derogation

Controversy over the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) has reignited with the Communications Workers Union (CWU) accusing Manpower of cynically exploiting a “legal loophole” in the regulations to avoid paying more than 1,000 call centre workers the same as their agency colleagues.

16 January 2013

Special Report: More G-Cloud frameworks on the way for ICT suppliers

Recruiters providing ICT services to government are likely to have to go through G-Cloud procurement framework in the future, according to the Cabinet Office and recent comments from a government minister.

IT/Telecoms, HR 21 November 2012

SPECIAL REPORT: North America - Staffing struck by Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy made landfall and wrought destruction across the East Coast of North America, recruitment firms wound down business and battened down the hatches.

1 November 2012

SPECIAL REPORT: Working to change lives and give real work to real people

At this year’s Recruiter Awards for Excellence, sponsored by Eploy, Aspire Oxfordshire was announced as Recruiter’s chosen charity for 2012-13. Sam Burne James visited the Oxford-based social enterprise, which aims to put people into work, and spent a day meeting the staff and the people they aspire to help

18 October 2012

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