Today’s guru industry: more Self-Harm than Self-Help?

As recruiters we’re encouraged to look at our personal development and to help our clients develop too – but where should we go for help?

16 November 2017

Ask the expert: December 2017

There is so much economic uncertainty at the moment; how do you suggest I maximise my chances of growing the business?

14 November 2017

Three tests to measure the strength of your USP

There are lots of recruitment companies out there – and most of them claim to be ‘the best’ or the ‘most cost effective’ or to offer a ‘bespoke, tailored service’.

Rec-to-rec 3 November 2017

Recruiting wellness

How to use wellness to maximise peak performance at work.

30 October 2017

GDPR: Age of consent

Next May’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may be causing recruiters, umbrella companies and payroll providers a headache now, but ignoring it will bring about a full-on migraine, as Colin Cottell discovers.

19 October 2017

Ask the expert: November 2017

I think most clearly about my business while on holiday. How can I achieve that clarity all year round?

19 October 2017

Five lessons from Brexit for recruiters

Recruiters are terrified of Brexit, but few will actually be affected.

16 October 2017

How not to do your business networking

Two years ago I made a significant career change, which meant I needed to rapidly upgrade my networking skills. I’m pretty sure I made every error possible.

10 October 2017
WAVE Summit 2017

Sponsored: WAVE 2017: The Influencer Marketing Summit launches in UK

29th September 2017: Qube Media is pleased to announce the launch of WAVE 2017: The Influencer Marketing Summit at Kings Place, London, 14 November 2017.

3 October 2017

FCSA sets record straight on Guardian T&S story

The Freelancer & Contractor Services Association (FCSA) has attempted to set the record straight on new travel and subsistence (T&S) rules, following a report in the Guardian.

Legal 18 April 2016

Brain-savvy interviewing: How the CORE model can improve interview approaches

As HR professionals we are involved so often in the interview process...

HR 22 February 2016

How to avoid being taken to an Employment Tribunal

As a recruitment professional you’re often also regarded as an HR expert too.

Legal 25 January 2016

Call for government to do more for disabled jobseekers

Government should provide more support for jobseekers with disabilities, and schools should do more to pick up on those disabilities earlier in order to get more people into work, say those who work with disabled candidates.

HR 25 November 2015

How to deliver diversity

The topic of the lack of diversity in major companies is an issue that does not seem to be going away soon.

23 October 2015

SME recruiters can apply for cyber security funding

SME recruiters will be able to obtain vouchers worth up to £5k from innovation agency Innovate UK to help protect themselves against cyber attacks.

Public sector, IT/Telecoms 30 July 2015

Consider benefits offered by ex-offenders when recruiting, says Aitken

More action is needed to stop employers completely rejecting ex-offenders when recruiting, not least because they risk missing out on a wider talent pool, according to former Conservative MP Jonathan Aitken.

HR 15 May 2015
Customer Loyalty

How recruitment companies can measure customer loyalty

Are your customers coming back to you again and again? Do they recommend you to others? Loyal customers are the life blood of a recruitment business and can help it grown fast and profitably.

23 February 2015

Video Arts stars for Lloyds Register

‘People learn nothing when they’re asleep and very little when they’re bored’. Video Arts founder John Cleese’s words rang true with Lloyds Register...

11 February 2014

Tips to protect your business’s exposure under client terms

When considering your client terms’ negotiations a good place to start is a review of your insurances. Self insuring contractual risk is cause for a change of approach.

14 January 2014

How to use time to be more successful

We all have exactly the same number of hours in a day so why do some people in the recruitment industry seem to have enough time to do everything they want and others never seem to have enough?

13 December 2013

Planet earth calling Procurement…

For all procurement people working on recruitment-related projects: please get real!

11 December 2013

Administrations lowest since start of recession

Improving economy leads to reduction in recruitment agency administrations, reports Christopher Goodfellow

11 December 2013

Duff candidates = duff service

Despite the news of trail-blazing innovation in recruitment and fantastic technical software products helping recruiters recruit better, when it comes down to it the industry basically still needs the right people offering a first-class service to customers and clients

17 May 2013

Using crowd-sourcing to create organisational change

Barack Obama famously crowd-sourced the finance for his election campaign - a powerful example of the ability of new technology to create a great aggregate result out of lots of small voluntary actions.

10 April 2013

Advice Shop: Hearts, flowers, kisses and lawsuits

What should you do to prevent your office being disrupted because an employee wants to embark on a romp with a colleague?

13 September 2012

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