Five phrases that kill your credibility with developers

If you want to attract the best developers to put in front of your clients, Jeff Szczepanski at Stack Overflow says here are the top five phrases to avoid if you want to maintain credibility with prospective candidates.

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Looking different

Every recruitment company likes to think it stands out from the crowd, that it does things differ

Marketing & Sales, Education 16 October 2017

Emotional AI

Recruiters have become used to artificial intelligence (AI) beavering away in the background on t

Marketing, IT/Telecoms 16 October 2017

Automation and the recruitment industry

The use of automation to find and retain the right talent not only saves time and money, but it c

IT/Telecoms, HR 16 October 2017

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is where a machine buys online advertisements rather than a human.

Marketing, IT/Telecoms 19 September 2017