Gregory Allen: How talent professionals can be leaders

In an age of change, I am interested in how little we adapt to it. For example: I read many articles about the so-called ‘War for Talent’, identified in the early 1990s. Next, I hear this particular internecine conflict is over; but then, just as quickly, it’s back.

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Five ways to help your people find their purpose

Yes, a bold statement to make.

HR 17 November 2017

Is your site turning away applicants?

A secure site, identified by ‘https’ in the browser bar as opposed to ‘http’, ensures that any in

Marketing, IT/Telecoms 14 November 2017
In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks'

Seven lessons in a year of change

This pithy quote from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg resonates with me. He’s right.

IT/Telecoms, HR 13 November 2017