Recruiters wary of using temps as strike-breakers

In line with its election promise, the government has begun making steps to allow businesses to hire agency workers as strike-breakers, with the launch of its public consultation on the topic yesterday.

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Hiring the most productive talent for recruitment

And it’s always been hard work to source and screen candidates and then to convince hiring manage

Rec-to-rec 30 November 2017

Smack the phoney: how to beat imposter syndrome

All of us are susceptible to negative thoughts like this one above, from the actor Will Smith, at

23 November 2017

Five ways to help your people find their purpose

Yes, a bold statement to make.

HR 17 November 2017

Today’s guru industry: more Self-Harm than Self-Help?

Is some of the self-help currently being peddled more self-harm than help?

16 November 2017